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TheMemeTimes.com is a political sattire website built for people to share all the humour, fun, memes, comedy and laughter in global politics and democracy. The contents on this website are meant strictly for humour and laughter, most of which may not be true.

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When registering to use this platform, we ask you for your name, your email address and a password, we also capture your computer's ip address, which may be used to discern your location. It is your decision to sign up for the platform using a real name or using a pseudo name, but this platform rejects the use of pseudo names to carry out illegal activities or impersonate other individuals. We do occassionally send you updates via your email about your account's activities and about new features on our platform. By signing up to use this platform, it means you're allowing us to send you these platform activity emails. We also place cookies in your browser which may be used to track your use of The Meme Times on your computer. Each and every time you post a photo, a video or any content on our platform, your name appears besides the content you have posted, whether your name is real or fake. And that post is instantly available for users all over the world to view. ALL CONTENTS POSTED ON OUR PLATFORM ARE INSTANTLY MADE PUBLIC. WE DO NOT HAVE A FEATURE THAT HIDES ANY USER POSTS FROM PUBLIC VIEW.

These are our rules of sattire. All jokes and memes uploaded unto the platform are screened before displaying them for all the users to see. If we do not display your meme on the platform, it may mean that it does not meet the standards set by the platform or does not comply with our rules and regulations. The satirist is free to go and upload the meme unto an alternative platform. Use of dirty, pornographic, foul, abusive and insulting language is not allowed on the platform. Only clean jokes are allowed on the platform. Satirists are only allowed to make jokes and create memes about a politician's political policies and initiatives - satirists are not allowed to make fun of a politician's personal life or family especially their children. Satirists are not allowed to make fun of or meme tragedies in the personal lives of politicians or anyone for that matter. The memes uploaded to the platform are the views and opinions of the satirist, not TheMemeTimes.com. Any memes or jokes that target specific minorities based on religion, race, gender or ethnicity will not be allowed on the platform. Any memes created to stir hate or any form of violence against a specific group of people will not be allowed on the platform. We ask satirists to respect copyrighted materials and laws and desist from uploading other user's copyrighted material unto the platform. Such content will be deleted from the platform if we are notified. Satirists are not allowed to make jokes that will promote acts of terrorism, human trafficking, rape or any other acts that harm life. If you agree with these rules, you can go ahead and upload your meme unto the platform. Don't forget to place your twitter and facebook username at the bottom of your meme, so that your fans may easily find you on the social networks.

We waive responsibility of any damages caused by impersonators..

This website waives responsibility of any hateful views posted on this site by a user. Views and feelings expressed on this site are not the views of our website. We also ask users to abstain from posting hatred against a certain group of people based upon any grounds whether religion , gender , tribe , nationality or any other minority groups. We encourage users to inform us about such posts which will be deleted immediately on our knowledge.

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